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Livestream (offline)

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 8, 2015, 3:31 AM

Ok time to get back to work on those storyboards!

The Isolated System ones I'm working on for a DreamWorks pitch interview.

Though I’m in pain since my period just started, gonna try trucking through it. I might end up doodling other stuff too though so I don’t get stuck on one thing.

I might try some warm ups first.…

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 6, 2015, 4:50 PM

I swear I'm just going to block comments on some of my old Sonic art if this keeps up.

Guys, it's so old. I was 15 then. I just turned 22. I don't even care. I don't know why they suddenly spiked up in people's interest again exactly but I've just been rolling my eyes.

I've always left comments open on my art for everyone but damn.

And I'm sorry, my Sonic Retribution comic I never started is a thing of the past and probably never will get to happen. :(

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SO! The Paperman Project is finally going online!

Slowly but surely. More basic info on some of the characters and the story/project can be found here in our tag.

We’ve been working on this full length movie extension off of Disney’s Paperman short for almost 3 years now. We’re not affiliated officially, but our dream is to make this story catch their attention and make it a real thing one day. It’s been just me and Zuka on this project and it’s been solely a labor of love and thus far, I’ve only been showing it in my livestreams (which you can still find it in when I go live on my personal blog).

Hopefully more to come in the future. These are just a promo. ;)


I only had these on tumblr but figured I should post here too but didn't want to post them all individually so much right now...

Here's the tumblr post with them:…

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Anyway, gonna work on more Paperman Project stuff!

Everyone welcome to watch and ask stuff about it of course. I’ll be happy to show. I’m probably gonna be trying to get together more stuff to post and cleaning up. Or maybe some boards? Idk…

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I’m gonna work on Paperman Project stuff in the meantime.

I’ll have to break to eat and stuff eventually but I am one with this bed rn. I’ll try to draw what I can. I just… really wanna get the Project up and rolling..…

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Writing was going terrible and nowhere so I guess I’ll try storyboarding instead.

Doing Paperman Project stuff.…

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I’m gonna try working on Paperman Project stuff again!

I’ll likely be doing the storyboards like I did like night. Might try other scenes too. Hopefully I don’t feel too out of it for this……

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I’m gonna…. draw???

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to being sick and all… I’ll give it a shot I guess. Might do some random things. Maybe Shining Force 2 art. Maybe squids?? haha Paperman Project generally comes up at some point either way though.

Let’s see how it goes!…

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I was at the doctor again today to turn in a 24hr urine test and then went to the park by a lake with Zuka’s sister and her 3 young girls when Zuka went to work. 

So been out most of the day… But yeah so… Hmm I don’t feel like talking a whole lot but suck at summarizing.

The doctors this time seemed to finally be on shit though and ordered more labs and tests b/c we’ve finally been dealing out the common stuff but thinks we may be dealing with some of the more rare type syndromes and such that we’re needing to find out an answer too fast and I’m like fucking thank god. Finally.

The first ER doctor hardly wrote down anything and even listed my diagnosis as “dehydration” and seeing my 24 urine test in there this guy was like… clearly that likely isn’t even the issue cuz it was looking pretty full (and I have been pretty good at keeping my pee clear lately and going often so honestly fuck that guy). The second ER doctor I had p much had a whole paragraph on shit. Even listed how I couldn’t work or even play videogames and he was like “well that’s when you KNOW it’s bad!” and I’m like yeah no shit!

Unfortunately too the meds I had seemed to only work for just one day b/c my pulse spiked back up into the hundreds again and was even around 114 at the doctor’s. He’s gonna look at upping the dose for me but is aware this is just to lessen the symptoms while we try to figure out the cause.

We’re possibly looking at some kind of abnormal stress hormone secretion and just hormone imbalance in general that some gland is freaking out over unnecessarily even without a stressor (he doesn’t think it’s anxiety/stress-related for once and more an underlying condition). 

But yeah, for once a helpful doctor that wants to get to the bottom of this. Jfc.

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P much the same issues as last time and feeling like I may be having a stroke... Only this time my lips/chin/and tip of tongue all went numb and tingly and I was suddenly having a lisp and all my speech slowed down drastically again with trouble putting words together and memory. Also palpitations still and consistent elevated pulse.

They actually gave me some fucking meds this time to help lower my heart rate at least. It literally went up to like.. 148 when I first got in and was hooked up. Stayed around 100 pretty level the whole time but spiked back up to 133 when I got up to the bathroom for the urine sample. It’s fucking ridiculous.

This time the ER doctor actually went out to get an endocrinologists advice on the ordeal so they had a better lead up. They said possible atrial tachycardia, which seems pretty obvious to some extent at this point… But yeah.

Also gave me a 24hr urine test thing to take home… idk why exactly, but I’m gonna have a follow up on Tue with my primary doctor for it.

They also finally suggested having a MRI on my head this time too since it does seem there could be neurological problems with how I showed up.
And they actually mentioned that I had a positive or some infection in the previous urine test and I wasn’t notified about that at all or called about it…

At least did some more effort this time with finding stuff but damn they just left me there for hours waiting and didn’t even give me a thing to call in case anything happened. I literally had to wave my hands till I got someone’s attention to go pee after the IV (also the blood was starting to leak into the IV so I finally desperately tried to get attention).

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I’m gonna stream playing Shining Force 2!!! 

It’s a old Sega Genesis game and it’s totally my fav game ever. :F It’s a long ass RPG though so this will go on for a while.

I can't do a whole lot else still recovering so.. games it is then!…

For a weird episode earlier and my chest wigging out too. It sort of felt like a stroke and my left side of my mouth kept straining and I was shaking a lot and just overall not goodness.

I slept most of the day after since they couldn’t find anything but my heart rate has still been abnormally high and they don’t really know what to do and I just have to follow up with my other appointments but I still feel like shit. Felt terrible for the rest of that day. Still not feeling so great and my pulse and blood pressure hasn't chilled much since either... I'm still pretty concerned.

Thankfully am not as sick/in pain as I was yesterday so DRAWS!I’m gonna work on a commission for a bit but will switch to other stuff after. Probably my own originals/fandom or Paperman storyboards.

Thankfully am not as sick/in pain as I was yesterday so DRAWS!

Probably my own originals/fandom or Paperman storyboards.…

I’m gonna stream anyway since I haven’t much else to do while trying to take it easy.

I’ve suddenly gone back on our SU/Paperman crossover kick so I’m probably gonna be doing some of that ffff Maybe Sonic stuff again too or Paperman Project storyboards. Idk.…

I’m getting a whole lot of NOTHING done today so 

might as well waste time doing better things I guess… ugh.

I’m gonna draw whatever. I’ll try working a bit on a commission but… idk.. My heart keeps feeling antsy and stressed today so I should probably take it easier. I might draw Sonic stuff or whatever other stuff I have. Paperman or originals. I’ve even been thinking of storyboards lately? Just to keep things rough idk.…

Honestly tho does anyone want any Sonic commissions tho? I’ll even draw your fan characters. I did that shit all the time back in the day.

Here’s my info, yo.

Preferably simple character ones rn but it depends.
If I suddenly want to be trash hopefully I can be productive trash while I do it. Just message me!

Still not much results on anything aside from a slight hernia where my stomach meets my esophagus but apparently that's pretty common. Feeling pretty hopeless at this point that I'll just have to suffer forever with this mystery illness. It's already been almost 2 years now, if not more...

Now I'm just really uncomfortable and hurting from the endoscopy still egh...
I’m gonna try working on Paperman Project stuff like I wanted to yesterday.I mentioned wanting to update my posters so I’ll likely work on that. Might also try storyboards again too tho. Also maybe commission work? I might go back and forth. Mostly Paperman tho.Let’s go!

I’m gonna try working on Paperman Project stuff like I wanted to yesterday.

I mentioned wanting to update my posters so I’ll likely work on that. Might also try storyboards again too tho. Also maybe commission work? I might go back and forth. Mostly Paperman tho.

Let’s go!…

I had been thinking to have a header for them for a while now (I legit just stole it from my commissions sheet announcer but whatever). Maybe it’ll stick?

So yeah! Gonna work on some stuff. Think I’ll try for some Paperman Project stuff and try to get my groove back on with things again. Maybe other stories will come up too?…

I’m gonna draw whatever

Not feeling all too much better mentally or physically but hoping drawing what I’d like to might help a bit maybe.

Paperman Project stuff will likely come up either way, but I’ve been wondering if I’d draw other things as well. Have had monster Jughead stuff on the mind as well as Tangled 2 a bit. And giant Tadashi AU. Probably a toss up between those. Or Isolated System??…